The Christmas Lights Road Trip Through Arizona That’s Nothing Short Of Magical

No matter the time of year, it seems there’s no place more beautiful and diverse than the route between Prescott and Flagstaff. But in winter, it becomes magical and easily takes your breath away. In fact, within the past few years, this short GIF of Route 89A took the social news site Reddit by storm, leaving many readers 100% surprised that Arizona even has winter weather. Who wouldn’t be enchanted by that sight? But if you are surprised about winter in Arizona, then get ready to have your mind blown by the best Christmas lights in Arizona.

The truth is, Christmas lights can make even the blandest landscape beautiful. Once the sun starts to set, flip on the lights and watch the faint glow bring smiles to faces. If you want to check out some of the fantastic holiday lights in Arizona, you’re in luck! We’ve put together a road trip centered around this very area.

So, what do you think about these Christmas lights in Arizona? Do you have any more holiday lights in Arizona that you think we should check out? Make sure to share with us in the comments section!

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Christmas Lights In Arizona

October 06, 2021

What are the best drive-thru light shows in Arizona?

Holiday lights in Arizona don’t all need to be explored on foot. Some of the best Christmas lights in Arizona can be enjoyed simply from the comfort of your own car. Arizona has some pretty phenomenal drive-thru light shows throughout the state, each offering a different experience. For instance, Arizona's newest drive-thru Christmas attraction, Holiday Lights at Salt River Fields, offers up to five million lights in just over a mile. Plus, it’s all synchronized to music!

Should I go hiking in winter in Arizona?

If you’re thinking about what types of seasonal activities to enjoy, whether taking a few road trips in Arizona or seeing the holiday lights, we have something else to consider - hiking! There are a few picturesque winter hiking trails in Arizona that are worth checking out but must be exercised with caution. Ice and snow can end up creating really challenging terrain. One of the best trails, Agassiz Peak, is one of the highest points in the state. This trail is only accessible when snow is covering the ground, which makes it that much more enjoyable!

How much snowfall does Arizona get each year?

Winter in Arizona looks different depending on where you’re located. For anyone in the southern part of the state, snow isn’t really a thing to worry about. But northerners definitely see snow throughout winter. On average, there are about 102 inches of snow that falls every year in Flagstaff, Arizona, the town that gets the most snow in the state. In comparison, Williams, which is located just west of Flagstaff, averages about 74 inches of snow per year.