In a world that is comprised of about 71 percent water, it is hard to believe that there are entire oceans that most of us don’t realize exist. West Virginia is one such place. Though the people of that region have solid ground beneath their feet, far below them flows an ancient ocean more than 400 million years old. This body of water is not like any lake in West Virginia. If you didn’t know that there is an ocean under West Virginia, read on to learn all about it!

While most people don’t associate our state with the coast, there really is a West Virginia ocean! Did you know about this remarkable geographic fact? For proof that it’s real, you can check out the online shop of J. Q. Dickinson Salt-Works!

Have you ever tried salt from this ancient ocean under West Virginia or some other unique source? Feel free to comment below and join the discussion. We would love to hear what you thought!

To learn more about our beautiful state, check out another usage for natural salt: this salt cave in West Virginia that completely relaxes you. For additional adventures in and out of WV, take a look at AllTrails/AllTrailsPlus.

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