The Island Loop Trail In West Virginia Takes You From Sandstone Falls Into The Forest And Back

Do you ever have trouble agreeing on where to hike because you can’t decide (either in your own mind or among your hiking partners) whether you want to tromp through the beautiful forests of West Virginia or whether you’d rather get some of the Mountain State’s famous waterfront views? Here’s a trail that lets you do both, and it’s arguably one of the best hikes you can take in the whole state.

To learn more, visit the Island Loop Trail page on Alltrails or check out the information provided on the New River Gorge National Park’s Sandstone Falls Trails webpage. Find Sandstone Falls (and the Island Loop Trail) at the end of West Virginia’s longest scenic riverside drive, which is a worthy adventure in and of itself!

Address: Sandstone Falls Boardwalk, New River Rd, Shady Spring, WV 25918, USA