Discover One Of West Virginia’s Most Majestic Waterfalls – No Hiking Necessary

West Virginia has hundreds of beautiful waterfalls — 275, to be exact. Cathedral Falls is probably one of the more impressive ones, and you don’t even have to take a hike to find it. So if you’re looking to explore one of the most beautiful *and* accessible waterfalls in West Virginia, this adventure is for you!

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Perhaps one waterfall isn’t enough for you. Would you like to see more? Are you still curious about “waterfalls near me” in the Mountain State? We hear you! Check out this ultimate waterfall road trip in West Virginia. On this trip, Cathedral Falls is only one of nine waterfalls on a route through central West Virginia.

Address: Cathedral Falls, Gauley Bridge, WV 25085, USA
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March 21, 2022

What’s the largest waterfall in West Virginia?

West Virginia is home to some 275 waterfalls, each more glorious than the last. If it’s a grand waterfall of superlative stature you’re seeking, you’ll find it nestled in Blackwater Falls State Park. Within this West Virginia wonderland, Blackwater Falls drops a spectacular 57 feet straight into the Blackwater Canyon and is the tallest waterfall in the state! The best part? Getting there is easy — just follow the .04-mile Blackwater Falls Trail! There are viewing platforms where you can stop, admire the falls, and snap photographs.

Did you know that Blackwater Falls ranks among the most photographed sites in West Virginia? It is, which means the falls can become quite crowded on beautiful days. As such, we recommend planning to visit early in the day, or perhaps even on a drizzly or chilly afternoon. That way, you can really take in the unbridled beauty of Blackwater Falls!

What are some beautiful and scenic places to explore in West Virginia?

West Virginia truly is the most underrated state in the country. For proof of this, simply head to Harpers Ferry National Park, a vision of endless emerald greens in the spring, golden yellow hues in the summer, bold oranges in the fall, and a white wonderland in the winter. Located at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers in the eponymous West Virginia town, Harpers Ferry National Historic Park really does have it all. This site of great history and national significance is one of the most beautiful places in the country, and its location along the Appalachian *and* American Discovery Trails make it the perfect place for numerous bucket-list-worthy adventures.

Address: Cathedral Falls, Gauley Bridge, WV 25085, USA