The Only Natural Lake In West Virginia, Trout Pond Is Slowly Sinking Out Of Sight

No one can characterize the state of West Virginia as a desert. We have so much water to enjoy throughout the state: creeks, rivers, reservoirs, waterfalls. But did you know that for all that water, there’s only one natural lake in the whole state? And it’s slowly disappearing from sight.

Did you get to see Trout Pond back when it was a larger lake? Did you realize how significantly it has shrunk in size since then? But thankfully Rockcliffe Lake is still a beautiful, vibrant spot. Definitely add it to your list of great camping/hiking/swimming spots in West Virginia!

To learn more about this area, visit the Trout Pond Recreation Area website.

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Address: 814 Trout Pond Campground Rd, Lost City, WV 26810, USA