Living in Vermont is not for the faint of heart. However, if you’ve been asking yourself, “why move to Vermont,” or “why live in Vermont,” we’ve got some answers for you right here. If you think you can hack this mysterious and stunningly beautiful state, you will absolutely love life in Vermont. Let’s not take ourselves too seriously for a moment or two and look at some of the reasons why Vermont isn’t exactly right for everyone. What some may consider the worst things about Vermont, others downright love. Where do you stand?

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Do you agree that these are some of the worst things about Vermont? Or does this make you want to live in Vermont even more? What do you love most about life in Vermont? Let us know in the comments… we love celebrating the Green Mountain State!

Now take a peek at some of the breathtaking natural beauty of Vermont in this video by worldfromaboveHD.

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What are the best things about living in Vermont?

There may be some reasons you won't want to move to Vermont. But all in all, VT is a great place to call home If you're asking yourself, "why live in Vermont" there are a whole lot of reasons, including:

  • Our state has access to pristine and natural areas and parks, organic and healthy food, environmentally and socially aware residents, friendly locals, and a relaxed and casual way of living life.
  • The Green Mountain State is a perfect place to live if you are okay with living in a little city or small town.
  • If you love nature and want to live a healthy and slow-paced life, Vermont is simply one of the best places to live in the U.S.

What stereotypes are there about Vermont?

Some Vermont stereotypes are true :

  • A few come to mind, and some were hinted at in this article, like mud season, not many chain restaurants, or places to go out on the town.
  • Some other stereotypes are that there’s not much else in VT save mountains, forests, and lakes.
  • Others think that Vermont is only a vacation destination for city dwellers from New York, Boston, and Montreal.
  • People from out-of-state think of Vermont as a little getaway, a charming place that doesn’t resemble their busy and hectic city lives. In reality, Vermont has much to offer.

What are the most beautiful hikes in Vermont?

The two most beautiful hikes in Vermont are Camel's Hump and Mt. Mansfield. If you are interested in hiking Mt. Mansfield, we recommend taking the Sunset Ridge Trail; the trail is well-marked and it’s easily accessible from Underhill State Park.

Some other spectacularly beautiful hikes that are worth considering are:

  • Mount Pisgah
  • Hump Trail
  • Lye Brook Falls Trail


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