Here Are The 10 Richest Towns In Vermont

Vermont has cities, towns, places, areas and gores, just to name a few ways we define populated areas.  While some are filled with more prosperity than others, two things are certain:  1. There is undeniable beautiful in every town and 2. Vermonters are some of the most hard working people you’ll ever meet.  These are facts.  However, when it comes to a paycheck, these facts become a bit more grey.  While the amount on a paycheck cannot define a person’s total worth, there are calculations done to see which of our towns, areas and places are the richest in Vermont.

The following information was calculated using the per capita income, an average of Vermont personal per capita which is $30,740, and still is higher than the United States personal per capita income of $20.626.  According to this data, the 10 highest income places per capita in Vermont are:

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