The weather, access to outdoor activities, maple syrup, and people are just a few of the many things that make the state of Vermont truly one-of-a-kind. Along with these attractions, Vermont is home to fun and interesting words that are unique to the state. While they might be challenging for a visitor to pronounce, it’s also a sign that you call Vermont home if you’re able to say the following Vermont accent words correctly.

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As you’ve learned, some words spoken with a Vermont accent have breaks in words that influence how they’re pronounced by locals. This is called glottalization.

Now that you know how to pronounce these 9 Vermont accent words, check out even more words you’ll only understand if you’re from Vermont to pick up some phrases and expressions that are unique to the Green Mountain state too.

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Life In Vermont

What are some good things about living in Vermont?
There is no doubt that Vermont is a beautiful state. But what is so great about The Green Mountain State? Here are a few wonderful things about living in Vermont:

  • Low crime rates
  • Maple syrup
  • Stunning fall foliage
  • A welcoming community
  • Town pride
  • A farm-to-table lifestyle
  • Fresh air
  • Incredible natural wonders

These are only a few of the many wonderful reasons we love Vermont. Check out our list of even more reasons why we think living in Vermont is pretty neat.

What are the most scenic areas of Vermont?
From scenic mountain drives to some of the best hiking in the country, Vermont is pretty special. Here are a couple of the most scenic areas of Vermont that we think you should get to know better:

  • Smugglers’ Notch Scenic Drive: This drive is pretty incredible, especially in the fall when Vermont pops with its famous fall colors. You'll start out around the Spruce Peak and Sterling Range area that leads to Mt. Mansfield. The winding road reveals stunning mountain views around each corner. You'll be impressed with cool tree canopy tunnels, huge rock walls, and of course, an absolutely stunning red, gold, orange, green, and yellow cornucopia of color.
  • Buttermilk Falls, Ludlow, VT: The gorgeous Okemo State Forest is hiding many many treasures. One of our favorites is Buttermilk Falls. The walk to the falls is pretty short and sweet at around a half mile each way. But the reward is something special. It is a quiet oasis with a small but beautiful waterfall and a cool swimming hole.

With so many scenic places to explore in Vermont, you are going to run into a lot of great hiking trails. Check out AllTrails+ to get up-to-date maps and trail info about just about any trail you might encounter while enjoying the great state of Vermont.

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