10 Amazing Beaches In Texas You Have To Check Out This Summer

Okay so I know Texas isn’t really known for its beaches, but with the heat beating down on us in the summer, the Gulf Coast is definitely a welcome sight here. Whether you want to bird watch, swim, kayak, sunbathe, build sandcastles, or go boating, we have over 350 miles of shoreline that you can enjoy with friends and family and soak up the summer sun. Below are 10 of the best beaches in Texas for you to enjoy!

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

Quick Hits: Best Beaches In Texas:

What Cities in Texas are on the Ocean? When you have 350 miles of coast line, you’re gonna have a lot of coastal cities. If you’re looking for a big city on the coast, check out Houston. If you’re looking for a mid-sized coastal town, look no further than Galveston or Baytown. If you’re looking to escape to a tiny city on the water, we recommend Port Aransas or Rockport.

Does Texas have Beaches? Uh ya. Lots of them. Though there might not be any beaches near Dallas or other inland cities, there are lots of flights that can get you to the sand in about an hour or 3-4 hours by car.

Do Texas Beaches have Clear Water? Yes! In our opinion, Padre Island has the prettiest and cleanest water out of all the gulf cities.The water is crystal clear blue/green and the sand is sparkly smooth white.

Do Texas Beaches have Waves? Absolutely! South Padre Island may be known as a Spring Break destination, but it’s also world-class waves. The best waves are on the south end of town alongside the South Padre Island Jetties. Other great beaches for wave seekers include Surfside (perhaps not surprisingly), Matagorda (though the water can be murky brown nasty) and Mansfield Jetty (65 miles south of Port Aransas, 30 miles north of South Padre Island).

What’s the Prettiest Beach in Texas? That’s like asking which is your favorite kid (even though we all definitely have a favorite kid, right?). As I mentioned previously, I am partial to Crystal Beach but there are lots of gorgeous coastal areas up and down Texas. Make sure you check out Surfside Beach, Rockport Beach and Matagorda Bay Nature Park.

After writing this article, I’m definitely ready to put on my swimsuit and sink my toes into the sand! What are some of your favorite beach destinations in Texas? Tell us in the comments below!