There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that South Carolina has a lot of ghosts. It’s one of the oldest states in the United States and therefore there are many decades of tragedies and happenings that punctuate its history. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought that particularly tragic cases could leave energies behind. If that is the case…we do have a lot going on here, but if you’ve read any one of the numbers of books pertaining to ghosts and hauntings of the state then it should not surprise you that there are even allegedly haunted streets in South Carolina.

I have done the research and have brought to you an entire list of streets, bridges, roads, and dirt roads that you may want to avoid due to what could still be lingering there. In some cases, it’s reported that you have to stop to see the ghost, but I have heard that even driving down these roads can feel quite eerie.

1. Cobb’s Way- Anderson: It’s said that a ghostly figure that wears a white mask appears to haunt this road. The ghost is believed to be a killer who slaughtered people in the 1500s. Eek! Cobbs Way, Anderson, SC 29621

2.  Cherokee Falls Bridge-Blacksburg: This place is where the Legend of Booger Jim comes from. It’s reported that he died on this bridge in 1979 when his crazy wife, Becca, hung him from the bridge with jumper cables at around 9 p.m. They say if you stop and call his name 3 times you will hear him call back, but you won’t be able to make it out due to the fact that his throat was crushed when he was hung. Cherokee Falls Rd, South Carolina 29702

3. Rock House Road-Blacksburg: Rock House Road runs alongside King’s Mountain Battleground. It’s said that a long time ago there was a family that lived in a rock house (which still stands and can be toured one day a year.) This family had a daughter who was kept in the cellar during the day as she was different from the rest and at night she would be given a candle by her father who would let her out of the house to roam around. The story says that one night she went farther than normal, her candle went out, and she was found dead. They say if you light a candle in the darkness, her face will appear. Rock House Rd, South Carolina 29702

4. White Wolf Road-Blacksburg: White Wolf Road happens to be near White Wolf Hollow near King’s Mountain State Park. According to history, there have been 2 tragedies that have happened here. The first was when a group of people killed a man and his wife and it’s said that you can see the wife still roaming around in her white dress. The second tragedy is that in the 1960s a man was shot execution-style near his truck and then the truck was torched. They say that you can see his truck lights driving down the road. Whitewolf Rd, South Carolina

5. Riverbend Road – Catfish: This road happens to be called N.C. Hwy 16 as well. There’s an old Indian burial ground down this road about 3 miles. Turn off into a field where you’ll find an old dirt road. There is a chain blocking it off. People say that they continuously see lights down there and that strange things happen at night.

6. Congaree River Bridge – Columbia: This particular bridge seems to be haunted by a phantom hitchhiker. She’s a woman who asks you for a ride, wanting you to take her home. Unfortunately, she never gets there and this is repeated over and over again throughout the years. Also known as Gervais Street Bridge. 

7. Old Bluff Road – Columbia: From the looks of everything I’ve read it seems that there’s a lot going on here. One of the legends is a carriage that will race your car…I wonder if he ever wins? Another is that mysterious car troubles plague those who travel this road at night. There have also been reports of numerous ghost sightings. Old Bluff Rd, South Carolina 29061

8. Land’s End – Frogmore: Over this deserted stretch of road at night you can see eerie lights floating in the distance. Some people say that it’s the ghost of a murdered Confederate soldier who is looking for his head and some people say that it’s the ghost of a slave who is looking for his family. Who knows…maybe it’s both of them. Lands End Rd, South Carolina 29920

9. Chain Gang Road – Gaffney: It seems that if you travel this road you’ll hear the screams of young women who were the victims of the Gaffney Strangler. Chain Gang Hill Rd, South Carolina 29307

10. Carson Drive/Draytonville – Gaffney: The residents of Carson Drive have found that they have an unexpected guest on their road. When traveling down this road some people have seen a white dog. Doesn’t seem too scary right? Well, it also seems that this dog will stand up on its hind legs and come at you. No one seems to know where this demon dog comes from but it was first sighted some years ago.

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11. Leroy’s Bridge – Gaffney: This is another one for the Gaffney Strangler. This man brutally murdered several women in the ’60s and dumped their bodies in different locations around Gaffney. One of these spots is a bridge just off Hwy 329 where the first victim was found in a body of shallow water underneath the bridge itself. It’s said that if you walk across this bridge you’ll hear her crying for help.

12. T-Bridge – Gaffney: Okay, at this point I wouldn’t walk, run, or ride over any bridge in Gaffney. The story goes that if you run across this bridge without stopping, a car will pull up behind you, but when you look there’s no one driving the vehicle. Also, there’s a story that if you stand on this very same bridge for 10 minutes you’ll see an old woman with a basket, but if you walk towards her she will disappear from sight. W. Montgomery St, Gaffney, SC 29341

13. Route 107 – Greenville: During the 1950s a plane crashed in this area and a man named Larry Steven,s who is also known as The Hitchhiker, can be seen walking down this road and then disappearing. South Carolina Highway 107

14. Main Street – Hilda: Hilda’s Main Street seems to have its own haunt. Early in the morning and late at night you’re able to hear the sound of a train whistle as well as hear a train coming down the tracks. Unfortunately, there are no tracks to be seen on Main Street in Hilda as they were torn up years ago. I guess that train has someplace to be. E Main St, Hilda, SC 29812

15. Hwy 521/Devil’s Stomping Ground – Lancaster: Okay, I admit that you can’t exactly drive to this place, but you most definitely can drive by it and that doesn’t seem to be fun either. The Devil’s Stomping Ground is a circular place in a field beside Hwy 521 where absolutely nothing grows. Some say that it was an execution site for the Waxaw and Catawba Indians. Evil spirits would then come and gather the souls of the dead. People consistently have stated that they have a feeling of dread, fear, and overwhelming nausea while here.

16. Ghost Creek Road – Laurens: This legend is quite big with the newspapers as they have done a few stories on it themselves. It seems that on the night of a couple’s wedding, the husband died in the crash on this bridge. They say that if you get out of your car and walk around it in a clockwise motion that your car will not start and off in the trees you will see a ghostly white apparition. Ghost Creek Rd, Laurens, SC 29360

17. Sleepy Hollow Road – Lockhart: If you ever ride down this road around midnight look carefully because you just might see a Civil War soldier who is missing an arm walking on the side of the road asking for help. Sleepy Hollow Lane, Union City, SC 

18. Dead Man’s Curve/Manning Cemetery – Manning: When the moon is just right, you might see an old man sitting on the side of the road in a rocking chair. You see his son was killed in this spot when he got ran over and his father sat there and waited for the driver who ran over his son. Even after death, he waits. Manning, SC, USA

19. Old Buncombe Road/Crybaby Bridge – Newberry: On this road, you’ll see an old cemetery where reports of the Ghost Hound Goshen have been made. Many say that he remains because his master was taken away, wrongly accused of murder, and hanged. Legend has it that the hound is waiting for his master to return. Many have ventured to see if they could find him at all times of the day and night. Unfortunately, he only appears at certain times so it might be difficult to catch him.

There is also a Crybaby Bridge on this very same road. There are many tales of bridges that carry this same name, but this one might be a tad more interesting to you. It’s an old steel bridge that’s no longer used as there is a newer one that has taken its place. The story goes that a young woman took her baby and jumped to her death. If you ever walk over this bridge you can hear the sound of the baby crying and the mother walking the bridge looking for her child. It’s also said that if you cross the new bridge and stop you’ll not be able to hear the sound of water that is definitely rushing underneath it. This area is in the town of Crowville and most believe that when you cross the line into Crowville you get the feeling like you aren’t supposed to be there at all. Makes one wonder doesn’t it? Old Buncombe Road, Newberry, SC

20. Poinsett Bridge/Old Hwy 25 North – Greenville: This bridge is closed to auto traffic but is close to the road and you can walk across it. The story goes that a slave was hung underneath the bridge and still haunts it to this day. Some even report hearing his screams. 580 Callahan Mountain Rd, Landrum, SC 29356

21. Martinville Church Road – Sumter: It’s said that if you go a few miles down this road you’ll see a little, old, unused church on the side of the road. There’s a cemetery behind this church and the ones who reported this haunt say that when they got out of their car and went to check out the cemetery they found a very large iron gate and heard faint singing. The air was heavy and turned cold even in the middle of July. Then the lights came on in the church. Obviously, they didn’t stick around to see what else was going to happen. They ran, jumped in their car, and left presumably never to return again. Martinville Church Rd, South Carolina 29153

22. Devenger Road – Taylors: It seems that on a Halloween night a woman stopped to get something out of the trunk for her children when a truck struck them and ended their lives. The story goes that if you stop on this bridge and put your tires in a certain spot, you will be pushed back. Apparently, it’s the woman pushing you back to safety. I suppose a mother is always a mother even in death. Devenger Rd, South Carolina

23. Crybaby Bridge – Union:  Apparently, the story that is told most often about this particular bridge is that if you put your car in neutral it will roll UP the hill. Supposedly, no one has ever figured out why, but it really does do it. Sardis Road, Union, SC 29379

24. Wateree River Swamp Bridge/US378 – Between Sumter and Columbia: This legend centers around a westbound bridge as the woman who is hitchhiking is trying to get to Columbia to see her ill mother. It’s said she appears solid and can make small talk with you but will disappear just before the end of the bridge just to do this over and over again. It seems she has been doing this since the 1930s when the bridge was new. US-76, Eastover, SC 29044

25. Old State Road – West Columbia: A school bus was hit by a train here at the railroad tracks in the ’70s. It’s said that if you stop on the tracks here and put your car in neutral you will be pushed back from the tracks reportedly by the souls of the dead children. Some people have put baby powder on the bumper and report seeing little handprints after they have been pushed from the tracks. Old State Rd, South Carolina

26. Lonely Bridge AKA Old Tugaloo Bridge – Westminster: It’s been reported as a matter of fact that a woman died here in the 1950s. It’s said that she will jump into your car and then disappear before you have a chance to stop. Many have said she screams for them to help her find her children. Westminster, South Carolina

27.  Seven Devil’s Bridge – Woodruff:  You can only cross this bridge on foot. The story, however, says that you absolutely cannot cross this bridge at the stroke of midnight because you’ll break down screaming and crying uncontrollably. Makes me want to try. Woodruff, South Carolina

Have you driven down any of these eerie haunted streets in South Carolina? I have to say that our state has its fair share of ghosts and this is only a portion of what’s going on around here. NOTE: Many of these properties may be under No Trespassing laws. Please do not trespass on other’s property. Get permission and/or ask the police first. Also, please take precautions such as cell phones, bring a friend or two or three, and always let someone know where you are going in the event that you may need them.

We’ve put together a spooky haunted road trip in South Carolina that will take you to ghostly spots in a convenient route… if you’re brave enough, that is.

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