Here Are 10 Unique Day Trips Near Pittsburgh That Are An Absolute Must-Do

Pittsburgh has plenty to keep us busy all summer long. But, sometimes it’s good to just put the hustle and bustle of the city behind and hit the road on a daylong road trip. Living in Pennsylvania offers so many choices for unique road trips that even choosing 10 poses a pretty hefty challenge. Here are 10 unique day trips near Pittsburgh that are an absolute must do:

Day trips included range from a little over an hour away to three hours or so away. Some people like the short day trips while others prefer the longer hauls so a mix of both are featured.

No time for any of these day trips near Pittsburgh any time soon? Not to worry. You can find plenty to do right in the Burgh. Check out the 10 top outdoorsy things you can do in Pittsburgh, for example, by clicking here.