Follow The Coast Along This Scenic Drive Through New Hampshire

While it’s true that New Hampshire doesn’t have a large coastline, we like to think it has one of the most beautiful! With just 13 miles of oceanfront landscape, it’s not hard to explore every inch. One of the best ways to do that is with this coastal drive in New Hampshire. It offers beautiful views, as well as a few fun stops along the way. You can follow the whole thing starting at either direction by checking out this Google Map.

What’s your favorite scenic drive in New Hampshire? Let us know in the comments so we can check it out for ourselves.

If you’ve got a full gas tank and just need some ideas, we’ve got plenty! These 7 beautiful byways in New Hampshire are perfect for a scenic drive.

Address: Portsmouth, NH 03801, USA
Address: Odiorne Point State Park, 570 Ocean Blvd, Rye, NH 03870, USA
Address: Wallis Sands Beach, Rye, NH, USA
Address: Rye Harbor State Park, 1730 Ocean Blvd, Rye, NH 03870, USA
Address: Jenness State Beach, 2280 Ocean Blvd, Rye, NH 03870, USA
Address: Hampton Beach, Hampton, NH 03842, USA
Address: Markey's Lobster Pool, 420 NH-286, Seabrook, NH 03874, USA