There are a lot of places in New Hampshire that offer peace and quiet along with beautiful views. Try the mountains for streams and forests. Or, head to any number of the gorgeous lakes here that offer some of the most fun recreational activities anywhere in New England. There is a lovely peacefulness that comes with a trip to the lake. We love these lake trails in New Hampshire, but we can’t deny our love of the breathtaking coast. While shorter than other states, it packs in just as much beauty. This trail, which takes visitors right along the water and is one of the Odiorne Point State Park trails, is a great way to soak it all up.

The Odiorne Point Loop Trail is open all year long but be prepared for slippery conditions if you do anything outdoors during the winter or just after it rains. While biking is allowed on footpaths, there’s also a dedicated paved path further inland. You can download a trail map here or visit the official New Hampshire state parks website. The park can be reached at 603-436-7406.

Have you had the opportunity to hike this gorgeous path? Let us know what you thought of your experience in the comments section! If you have any suggestions for other hikers embarking on the fun journey, we would love to hear them.

While we love the waterfront and always enjoy visiting it and taking in the sights, there are lots of stunning views to be enjoyed here. To see more check out 10 of the greatest scenic hiking trails in New Hampshire for beginners. While they’re perfect for those just starting out, everyone will enjoy the scenery and feeling of accomplishment at the end. If you’re a big fan of hiking, sign up for AllTrails+ for awesome benefits.

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