Most People Have No Idea There’s An Underwater Ghost Town Hiding In Nebraska

Over the years, the Nebraska landscape has changed many times and for many reasons. Towns sprang up and disappeared all over the state, usually because of the arrival or departure of nearby railroad routes. But some towns disappeared for entirely different reasons.

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This short video shows what the uncovered ghost town looked like when it was exposed in 2004. Although it isn’t as dramatic as, say, entire buildings rotting away beneath the lake, it is still fascinating to see little wisps of memories of an entire town.

For some spectacular pictures of the exposed town, click here.

The town of “New Lemoyne” was established just north of the old townsite, but the “New” never caught on and people continued to call the new town Lemoyne. Many residents decided to make their new homes elsewhere instead of moving to the new site, making for more than a few tearful goodbyes as the original Lemoyne was dismantled and slowly moved away.

Now that you know what’s hiding beneath the lake waters, you’ll think of old Lemoyne every time you fish or swim there. For another tiny, nearly-forgotten Nebraska ghost town, read our story on Brocksburg here.