Drive long enough down any country road in Nebraska and you’ll see the same type of sight over and over: abandoned buildings, long ago left to crumble in the elements with no one to look after them. Farms that were once thriving are now derelict; homes that were once full of families are now barren and desolate. The places themselves become like ghosts; they are what remains of a life that no longer exists. These ghost towns dot the landscape, some well-hidden and others presenting themselves to every traveler passing by.

There’s something inherently peaceful about the abandoned towns and villages, though some of them can seem quite creepy…almost as if the town itself is watching you. They don’t give you shivers because they are scary, really; it’s just that you can sense the lives that were lived out in that spot. Visiting after they are abandoned is like visiting a graveyard. Keep your eyes peeled the next time you venture out in the Nebraska countryside and see if you can spot any of these formerly-occupied little pockets of history.

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