22 Staggering Photos Of An Abandoned Slaughterhouse Hiding In Nebraska

This is a sight you don’t get to see very often: a slaughterhouse after all operations have ceased. This facility, located in an undisclosed location “deep in the heart of Nebraska”, was photographed by the talented Jim Sullivan. Check out more of his work on Places That Were.

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The beef industry is vastly important to Nebraska’s economy and, like it or not, with this industry comes slaughterhouses. Regardless of the inevitable “ick” factor that accompanies a facility like this, there is definitely something fascinating about this abandoned structure. For more of Jim Sullivan’s beautiful photography of abandoned places throughout the country, visit his website, Places That Were.

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Abandoned Slaughterhouse in Nebraska

December 20, 2021

What are some genuinely haunted places in Nebraska?  

Nebraska is a state that most folks tend to overlook when they’re thinking about haunted places, but really, they shouldn’t. Nebraska is a state filled with history and it seems like everywhere you turn you’ll find an abandoned homestead or farmhouse. Have you ever wondered if those places are haunted? Yeah, we have, too – and we found some haunted places in Nebraska that we didn’t expect to find! For example, did you know there’s a creepy museum in Omaha dedicated entirely to haunted objects? Yep! It’s appropriately named the Museum of Shadows, and we dare you to go by yourself. In Nebraska City, there’s a road known as Seven Sisters Road, which is said to have been the site of a vicious murder (or seven) and is now supposedly quite haunted. In Springfield, you can find a haunted cemetery; the Ball Cemetery has been around since at least the 1860s, and it’s spooky as all get out. Need more haunted places in Nebraska in your life? Check out this list of nine of the creepiest Nebraska ghost stories there are 

Where can I find some interesting, abandoned places in Nebraska?  

Nebraska has more than its fair share of interesting abandoned places! In fact, as we mentioned above, it’s like no matter where you turn ‘round these parts you’re bound to find an abandoned something-or-other, usually in the form of a homestead or farm. Of course, if you want to keep it simple, you can always visit any of Nebraska’s countless ghost towns, which were each deserted long, long ago and now lay entirely dormant to decay over time. There are towns like Antioch, which still has some ruins standing, and Meadville, which is still utilized for its river access point. There are some towns where it feels pretty eerie just arriving there, and some that make you want to leave right away. Honestly, just take a drive down any dirt road – you’re sure to find some abandoned delights no matter where you go.