Nebraska has more than its fair share of ghost towns. These towns were abandoned for a variety of reasons, but they all have one thing in common: the people who once lived out their lives there have moved on or died. Some of these towns have left no trace, and others have left behind something much creepier.

Learn more about this ghost town in Nebraska by checking out this YouTube video from Explore Nebraska:

There are actually quite a few ghost town cemeteries lurking in Nebraska, some of which have stories as creepy as the one in Spring Ranch. Tell us your favorite ghost town cemetery story in the comments.

Can’t get enough of hauntings? Here are nine of our favorite Nebraska ghost stories.

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How many ghost towns are there in Nebraska?

Nebraska has plenty of small towns, but many of these are bustling little hubs filled with proud, full-time residents! In terms of ghost towns -- little locales that can no longer be found or counted on a map -- there are 15. We've designed a road trip that journeys through six of the most notorious and haunting ghost towns in Nebraska, which you can view here.

Is Nebraska a creepy place to live?

Do you believe in ghosts? According to paranormal enthusiasts, lots of places in Nebraska are inhabited by restless spirits that just can’t seem to move on. Most stay near the places they died, perhaps as a warning to others or maybe because they can’t accept their violent and untimely deaths! Here are 20 of the creepiest places you can visit in Nebraska; this list covers everything from ghost towns to cemeteries to abandoned theaters and even haunted roads.

What's the spookiest place to visit in Nebraska?

There isn't just one spooky place in Nebraska; there are numerous! If you're into spine-tingling thrills and ghost-hunting adventures, you'll want to bookmark this article: The Definitive Guide To All Things Haunted And Creepy In Nebraska. As its name suggests, this covers the gamut of all things thrilling and chilling in the Cornhusker State!

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