This Natural Wonders Road Trip Will Show You Montana Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Montana is full of natural wonders, and summer is the perfect season to explore them. We put together a fun little road trip that will take you through some of our most stunning natural scenery. We recommend stretching it out over a three-day weekend or longer to spend plenty of time in nature. You could also easily do this road trip backward, depending on your starting point and where you’d like to end up, soaking in some hot springs or lakeside lounging. When it comes to totally fun Montana road trips, this one might just take the cake.


Doesn’t this look like fun? Do you have any ideas for some amazing Montana road trips? If you enjoy the natural wonders road trip, try the southern Montana waterfalls road trip next.

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Montana Road Trips

February 06, 2023
  1. What are some of the most amazing natural wonders in MT? 

Montana is one of those states that’s quite literally famous BECAUSE it’s so beautiful. There isn’t enough time in the world to list off every single natural wonder of Montana, but we can list some of the most amazing, which include:  

  • The Lewis and Clark Caverns are an incredible cave system that’s hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years old.  
  • Bighorn Canyon is incredibly photogenic and rivals the Grand Canyon in terms of beauty.  
  • Grinnell Glacier is absolutely otherworldly and seems like something out of a book or movie instead of real life.  
  • Flathead Lake is a stunning, crystalline blue, and easily one of the most beautiful lakes in Montana.  


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  1. What are the most famous natural wonders of MT? 

Meanwhile, there are also the famous natural wonders of MT; spectacles known the world around for just how stellar and unique they are. Some of these locations are places like:  

  • Glacier National Park. Seriously, this might be one of the most beautiful places in the world. 
  • Kootenai Falls is an amazing waterfall that’s sure to drop your jaw straight to the ground.  
  • The Bob Marshall Wilderness Area might be one of the single most beautiful places to go camping in Montana.  
  • The Gates of the Mountains is iconic and can be explored by boat, which is fun.  


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  1. Which MT National Parks should I add to my bucket list?

Honestly? All of them. But, unfortunately, this isn’t always realistic – especially considering there are eight National Parks in MT and 55 state parks, too. Some of the most bucket-list-worthy ones are ones such as:  

  • Glacier National Park 
  • Yellowstone National Park (which is partially in Montana) 
  • Grand Teton National Park 


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