You Have To Visit This Haunted Kentucky Bar With Mafia Roots

Kentucky is home to countless places with interesting stories, many of which you’d likely never guess if you visit them today. Uncovering the hidden history of a place is always an adventure, and there’s an unlikely spot in the riverfront town of Newport that has a unique tale. This city has always been a source of fun, with plenty of restaurants and attractions, but this one building might just have a darker side to it. Though it’s now an event space that’s a popular spot for weddings and gatherings, some claim it is haunted, and many believe it has Mafia roots. Once you see it, it’s quite easy to believe that the tales are true.

The Newport Syndicate has always been a place that is known for good times, and any time you have the chance to visit for an event, you should. It’s filled with history, has a vibrant atmosphere, and you might even spot a ghost or two who are waiting to welcome you to this haunted bar in Kentucky. Have you been to an event at The Syndicate? Have you toured Newport to learn about its intriguing and surprising past? Let us know in the comments!

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