This Beautiful And Historic Mansion Is One Of The Most Haunted Places In Kentucky

So many of the most charming towns in Kentucky are also those that are filled with history and fascinating stories. Each one of those beautiful, decades-old buildings has its own tales, and the structures in the city of Maysville are no exception. As one of the most lovely and inviting towns in Kentucky, Maysville is a place everyone should visit. And it seems some people from its past enjoyed it so much that they decided to never leave, even after their deaths. Ghost stories are as common as anything in this historic town and Phillips’ Folly is one of the favorites. This beautiful and historic mansion is one of the most haunted places in Kentucky and just another reason to pay this city a visit.

It comes at no surprise that a home with as much history as Phillips’ Folly is known as one of the most haunted places in Kentucky. And along with a few intriguing ghost stories, this mansion is also one of the most beautiful and eye-catching buildings in Maysville – a town that absolutely deserves a spot on your Kentucky bucket list. Have you visited Maysville or are you from the area? Have you spotted the ghost and his dog, playing on the front porch? Let us know in the comments!

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Address: 227 Sutton Street, Maysville, KY 41056

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