The Ultimate Terrifying Kentucky Road Trip Is Right Here —And It’ll Haunt Your Dreams

We all need a little excitement every now and then, and taking a spooky Kentucky road trip can provide it. We have a barrage of strange abandoned places, old cemeteries, and haunted houses that can send a shiver down the spine. You can stay the night in a beautiful, but haunted, inn, stroll through a civil war graveyard, or take a tour of an old asylum. Each of these haunted places in Kentucky comes with its own ghost story and the only way to know if they are true is to visit them for yourself. Take a weekend and pay a visit to a few of the creepiest places in Kentucky.

This Kentucky road trip obviously cannot be completed in one day with any real satisfaction, but over a weekend, it can be a lot of fun. The map is available here for your convenience, in case you want to plan your own route.

This is just a Lexington and Louisville adventure, but there are plenty more scary places in Kentucky. This time we covered a creepy Kentucky road trip through the central region of the state, but there will be others in the future. Which of the creepiest places in Kentucky do you think should be included on a road trip through the state? Have you ever went on a road trip to the most haunted places in Kentucky? Share with us in the comments!

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Creepiest Places In Kentucky

May 21, 2019

What is the most haunted place in Kentucky? With a history like Kentucky’s, it is not surprising that there are many places that are considered haunted throughout the Bluegrass State. But of all of the cemeteries, hotels, old homes, and battlefields, one place does tend to reign above the others as scariest of the haunted places in Kentucky. Waverly Hills Sanatorium has a creepy past as a hospital and institution and is one of the few haunted places in Kentucky where they welcome in ghost hunters. You can spend the night in a designated area of the property and even visit in the fall for a “real” haunted house experience.

What is the creepiest abandoned place in Kentucky? There are many old homes, buildings, and even entire towns that have been abandoned over the years in Kentucky. Perhaps the creepiest of these places is the former Hayswood Hospital in Maysville. This small hospital is now completely run down, but you can still tell that sick people were once treated here. You can see photos of the inside in our previous article here.

What is the most haunted town in Kentucky? There are several small towns throughout Kentucky that have haunted tales and the most convincing of them all is Perryville. It is in this town that a bloody Civil War battle took place, and there are countless stories of ghostly figures throughout the field, homes, and the town itself. You can read more about this haunted town here.