The Ultimate Terrifying Northern Kentucky Road Trip Is Right Here —And It’ll Haunt Your Dreams

We all need a little excitement every now and then, and taking a spooky Kentucky road trip can provide it. We have a barrage of strange abandoned places, old cemeteries, and haunted houses that can send a shiver down the spine. You can stay the night in a beautiful, but haunted Inn, stroll through a civil war graveyard or take a tour of an old asylum. Take a weekend and do a few of them together.

This northern Kentucky road trip obviously cannot be completed in one day with any real satisfaction, but over a weekend, it can be a lot of fun. The map is available here for your convenience, in case you want to plan your own route.

This is just a Lexington and Louisville adventure, but there are plenty more places across the state. This time we covered a northern spooky Kentucky road trip, but there will be others in the future. Have you ever went on a spooky road trip in Kentucky?