If you happen to walk into a place and find minimal seating and a tiny space, don’t assume the worst. A little hole in the wall restaurant can be home to big flavor and great food. We have visited some tiny restaurants in Kentucky, and never left feeling hungry or disappointed in the quality of food received. The old saying, “good things come in small packages” can really ring true when it comes to dining in the Bluegrass State, especially the local restaurants in Kentucky. There are so many options when listing the best tiny restaurants in Kentucky, but the following spots are definitely worth a visit (and are listed in no particular order!).

Some of the best restaurants in Kentucky are the small, local gems that can only fit a few diners at a time. Sometimes it is worth the wait in a tiny Kentucky restaurant, even when seating is minimal. In most cases, if there is a line, or the dining area is full, the food will be worth the effort. Some of our best meals have been in these local hidden gems. What are your favorite tiny restaurants in Kentucky? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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Are there other small restaurants in Kentucky worth trying?

Of course! While this list of the best small restaurants in Kentucky highlights some of the favorites, there are so many more eateries throughout the Bluegrass State that are tiny, but mighty. Many of these dining destinations can be found in our small towns that often offer an array of local gems, from a classic diner to a walk-up hot dog stand. If you're from a small town in Kentucky, then you can likely name a few from your own hometown. If you need a few suggestions, then check out this list of 7 of the best small town restaurants in Kentucky, which includes favorites such as:

  • Beehive Augusta Tavern
  • Holly Hill Inn
  • One Nineteen West Main, and
  • Granny's Diner in Harrodsburg!


What are the best restaurants in Kentucky?

Choosing the absolute best restaurants in Kentucky is not an easy task because this is obviously an opinion-based question. Your definition of the best restaurant may not be the same as your fellow Kentuckian standing next to you. In fact, it's likely very different. While more casual, mom & pop restaurants tend to be considered as favorites with the best comfort food, there's something to be said for a fancy, fine dining experience with locally sourced, intricate menus. But one thing that can be said for sure is that Kentucky has the restaurant, menu, and atmosphere you are looking for. To get started in your quest for what you believe to be the best, take a look at our restaurant-focused articles on Only In Kentucky, and also consider the following bucket-list-worthy restaurants in Kentucky:

  • Starnes Bar-B-Q
  • Pompilio's
  • Wallace Station Deli and Bakery
  • The Brown Hotel
  • Castle Farms Restaurant
  • Patti’s 1880's Settlement
  • Sander's Cafe
  • The Freight House
  • Rich's Proper Food & Drink
  • Barn8 Restaurant
  • The Old Talbott Tavern


What are the favorite local restaurants in Kentucky?

The Bluegrass State does offer many chain restaurants and several of them do have delicious food. But of course we happen to think that our local gems tend to edge these eateries out in terms of character, quality, and overall atmosphere. Plus, if you are going to eat out, you may as well support a fellow local! For some of the best and most famous local restaurants in Kentucky, check out 11 of them that are worth waiting in line to try.

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