There’s An Emerald Spring Hiding In Kentucky That’s Too Beautiful For Words

One of the best, yet under-appreciated, features of Kentucky is its diverse variety of landscapes, wildlife, and natural wonders. In a state that’s widely known for its horses and bourbon, we also have an incredible amount to offer anyone who has an appreciation for nature. Perhaps our biggest bragging right is Mammoth Cave, which is the longest cave system in the world, but the land around it is also packed full of biodiversity and incredible natural beauty. In fact, not far from the cave system in the town of Munfordville along the Green River, you’ll find Johnson Springs in Kentucky. This emerald green spring is hiding near a park in Kentucky and it’s not only too beautiful for words; it has quite a story.

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Johnson Springs in Kentucky is a magical place that’s worth the effort of the hike to reach it – and is also worth the effort to preserve this hidden gem in our naturally beautiful state. Did you know about these emerald waters in Kentucky? Have you seen these springs? Let us know in the comments and tag someone who would love to visit or would be interested in this story.

To locate the hiking trail to Johnson Springs in Kentucky, head to Thelma Stovall Park at 101 River Rd., Munfordville, KY 42765. You can also find more information on the trail here.

And for another beautiful waterway with a similar story, check out this stunning creek in Kentucky.

Address: 109 River Rd, Munfordville, KY 42765, USA
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Johnson Springs In Kentucky

November 08, 2020

Which hikes in Kentucky are short and sweet?

The Bluegrass State is full of gorgeous views and impressive natural landmarks, but it also has plenty of short, sweet, and easy hikes to offer. Princess Arch Trail,  Natural Bridge Trail, and Prospector’s Trail are all especially stunning in the winter!

What is the scenic river in Kentucky?

While the most beautiful river in Kentucky is a hotly contested matter of debate, you’ll find that there’s beauty throughout most of our waterways. If you’re looking for scenic views, Nolin River, Barren River, and the Rough River all have a unique beauty that you’ll adore.

Are there any natural lazy rivers in Kentucky?

You deserve a bit of fun in the sun, and The Awesome Lazy River in Shepherdsville is the perfect place to relax on a floaty and let nature push you along a scenic route. Ask locals for suggestions while you’re in the area… there is so much to do in The Bluegrass State!

Address: 109 River Rd, Munfordville, KY 42765, USA