This Historic Tavern First Opened In The 1700s And Is Now One Of The Best Restaurants In Kentucky

Choosing a restaurant is not always just about the food, but also the experience. Kentucky has many dining destinations that offer incredible meals and equally incredible stories to go along with them. Located in the riverfront town of Augusta, Beehive Tavern reopened just a few months ago and has been delighting its many guests ever since. This historic tavern first opened in the 1700s and is now an ultimate dining experience and one of the best restaurants in Kentucky.

Beehive Augusta Tavern has long been a favorite destination in this riverfront town, and now that it has been given yet another new life, it’s positioned itself as one of the best restaurants in Kentucky. Have you dined at Beehive Tavern, either in the past or since its reopening? Share your experience with us in the comments!

Beehive Augusta Tavern is located at 101 W. Riverside Dr., Augusta, KY 41002. For more information, visit its website here and follow along with them on Facebook here.

Guess what? The oldest winery in America is also in Augusta! Make sure to stop by while here. If you want to stay overnight and make a whole weekend of your visit to this charming town, we suggest checking out the idyllic Parkview Country Inn.