The Incredibly Beautiful Waterfall In Kentucky Many Never Knew Existed

There are many places throughout Kentucky that you’d be surprised others haven’t heard of. Your favorite restaurant, hiking trail, or getaway destination may be well known to you, but many in our state still do not know they exist. This story can be told about the incredible 76 Falls, tucked into Lake Cumberland. If you’re a frequent visitor of the lake and waterfall, then you know its beauty and the stories that come along with it, but many Kentuckians never knew this incredibly beautiful waterfall ever existed.

76 Falls is a natural icon in Kentucky and a favorite spot for many, as well as a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered. Have you seen this picturesque waterfall on Lake Cumberland? Did you witness it by boat or land? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

The 76 Falls viewing area is located at 1749 Seventy Six Falls Rd., Albany, KY. For more information about this waterfall, as well as the rest of Lake Cumberland, visit here.

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