The Incredibly Beautiful Waterfall In Kentucky Many Never Knew Existed

There are many places throughout Kentucky that you’d be surprised others haven’t heard of. Your favorite restaurant, hiking trail, or getaway destination may be well known to you, but many in our state still do not know they exist. This story can be told about the incredible 76 Falls in Kentucky, tucked into Lake Cumberland. If you’re a frequent visitor of the lake and waterfall, then you know its beauty and the stories that come along with it, but many Kentuckians never knew this incredibly beautiful waterfall ever existed.

76 Falls in Kentucky is both a natural icon and a favorite spot for many, as well as a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered. Have you seen this picturesque waterfall on Lake Cumberland? Did you witness it by boat or land? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

The 76 Falls viewing area is located at 1749 Seventy Six Falls Rd., Albany, KY. For more information about this waterfall, as well as the rest of Lake Cumberland, visit the Lake Cumberland Tourist Commission’s website.

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Address: Seventy 6 Falls Rd, Albany, KY 42602, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

76 Falls In Kentucky

October 04, 2020

What are the best waterfall hikes in Kentucky?

The Bluegrass State is full of magnificence throughout its 40,408 square miles of landscape. Our state has distinct and beautiful seasons, which are as varied as those up north without as much intensity. This means that each season is a treat for hiking and outdoor adventure. You’ll want to visit Kentucky’s most beautiful waterfalls in each and every season if you can, just to admire the variety that the seasonality lends to the landscape. Cumberland Falls, Flat Lick Falls, and other local beauties will leave you in awe.

What are the most beautiful lakes in Kentucky? 

When it comes to waterways in The Bluegrass State, locals have a certain finesse for finding the prettiest spots imaginable. Believe it or not, there are only three major natural lakes in this scenic state including Swan Lake (the largest natural lake at 300 acres in size) and Shelby Lake. However, some of the most stunning lakes in Kentucky are actually man-made… but they’re every bit as pretty as their natural equivalent!  Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley, and Lake Cumberland are all calling your name. After just one visit, you’ll understand why locals and tourists alike love these spots.

Does Kentucky have any natural wonders?

The Bluegrass State is full of natural splendor! All across the state is a superabundance of majesty, from our deep and vibrant gorges to our lovely mountains and rocky landscapes. There are natural wonders hiding in plain sight all throughout Kentucky. Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area has natural stone bridges and arches that you have to see to believe. Yahoo Falls is an incredible trickle that’s rather veil-like, and Pine Island Double Falls is that times two. Double the beauty! This stunning state is overflowing with natural wonder, whether you’re looking for a simple hike or a truly magnificent view of an unusual landmark.

Address: Seventy 6 Falls Rd, Albany, KY 42602, USA