These 15 Photos Of Kentucky In The 1970s Are Mesmerizing

Those of us who lived during the 1970s in Kentucky likely remember a time much different than today. Technology was limited, pay phones were plentiful and style was… well, original to say the least. Everything was starting to change as a new generation moved towards adulthood. This article topic had me reminiscing on some of the fun or positive things about that decade. You may not be completely mesmerized, but I’m hoping to bring back a positive memory, (or 15.)

Here are 15 photos of the 1970s in Kentucky:

Being a kid in the 1970s in Kentucky was probably a lot different than being an adult. My childhood memories of the decade might differ from those that were near grown. Which of the above pictures brought back the best memory for you, or what is your favorite memory from the 1970s?

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