The 11 Most Insane Things That Happened In Kentucky In 2015

Kentucky is pretty chill most of the time, other than Kentucky Derby week and college basketball season. The rest of the year we tend to work hard and sit around afterward sipping tea, bourbon or beer. During 2015 things got a little crazier than normal, and we even managed to capture nationwide media attention a few times. Unfortunately, it wasn’t for our benevolence or our fine southern cooking. No… instead it was in the midst of some debauchery and social media took it viral. On the up side, our insane is still mild in comparison to most everywhere else so we can welcome 2016 with a clear conscious.

Here are 11 insane things that happened in Kentucky during 2015:

Some folks might try to blame it on the bourbon, even when they don’t drink it. The truth is, we, the people, all make mistakes, and our insane doesn’t really seem that bad for 2015. Perhaps I’m a little bias, but Mother Nature gets a lot crazier in Kentucky than most her residents. I’d just as soon blame any insanity on the weather as it can drive you a little batty never knowing what to expect. Hope everyone has a happy New Year and can celebrate the beginning of 2016 with happy thoughts. What memorable event in Kentucky sticks out in your mind from 2015?

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