Diamond Springs, Kansas… have you heard of it? Neither have we… but there is good reason for it, as the once-booming Morris County town is no more, leaving behind only a few dilapidated buildings and hauntingly beautiful memories of the past. Read on to learn about one of the more fascinating Kansas Ghost Towns.

Originally discovered during the early 1820s, the town of Diamond Springs was a popular stop for early travelers on the Santa Fe Trail, earning the nickname of the “Diamond of the Plains” because of the area’s large and abundant spring. As the town gained even more popularity amongst emigrants, businesses began to gradually incorporate, quickly bringing in an official mail station, hotel, restaurant, store, and more during the spring of 1849. Despite being a popular place to regroup and rest, the Diamond of the Plains soon earned a second nickname: the “Journey of the Dead,” as attacks from Native Americans and lack of water were becoming increasingly common.

Despite the impending dangers, travelers continued to visit the area, leading the post office to name it an official town in 1859. Things were looking up for Diamond Springs until 1863, when the Civil War was in full swing and a Quantrill Confederate by the name of Dick Yeager stopped into town. Yeager robbed the stage station, brutally killed the manager, and severely injured his wife. After the attack, Yeager set the building on fire and skipped town, leaving behind more damage and destruction than one could possibly imagine. The station, one of the few operating town businesses, was moved down the road to Six Mile Creek, and the town eventually folded due to the lack of traffic along the Santa Fe Trail.

In 1868, a new and improved Diamond Springs was established in the same location and became a minor Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad shipping point for local farmers. Sadly, the fate of the new Diamond Springs remained the same as that of the former, with the post office closing in 1930.

Although the town of Diamond Springs is no more, there are several still-standing buildings in the area, which subtly tell the story of a once bustling town that is no more.


Take a look at this video of the town to learn a bit more.

If you’ve ever wondered “is Diamond Springs, Kansas a ghost town, now you know! Have you ever been here? Tell us all about it. Read our article if you want to learn more about the ghost towns in Kansas.

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