You’ll Want To Visit These Beaches For The Most Beautiful Indiana Sea Glass

Beachcombing is fun. It’s a thing that people have been doing for centuries, and the treasures have always been worth the effort. You never know what you’ll find; there could be some amazing shells, or maybe a really interesting piece of driftwood you’d like to add to your fish tank. Maybe you’ll discover some interesting rocks and minerals, or sometimes, you might be able to find sea glass. Sea glass – also known as beach glass – is an interesting phenomenon that’s fun to make an adventure out of. Where do you find beach glass in Indiana? Look no further than the shores of Lake Michigan. Though there are all kinds of amazing lakes in Indiana to choose from, Lake Michigan has proved time and time again that it’s an excellent destination for sea glass searchers of all skill levels.

So there you have it: everything you need to know to head out and start collecting beach glass of your very own! Did you know that some beaches in Indiana are so beautiful they feel more like the Caribbean than the Midwest? Check them out and see for yourself, and show us your sea glass discoveries in the comments!

Address: Lake Michigan, United States