The Most Mysterious Lake In Indiana Is Also The Most Peaceful

As of the time of this writing, there are hundreds of lakes in Indiana – hundreds of lakes that are totally worth visiting, if you ask us. Of those lakes, only a handful are natural lakes. The others are quarries, dams, reservoirs, or other man-made phenoms. Don’t get us wrong, the man-made lakes do make up some of the most beautiful lakes in Indiana, but there’s something about an all-natural lake that just hits differently. Enter Bass Lake, a small, peaceful lake in Indiana with a vibrant surrounding community and an incredibly relaxed vibe. Bass Lake isn’t your average natural lake, though. It’s got some mystery surrounding it, which makes us feel like it’s that much more worthy of a feature. Check out this small and unique lake in Indiana as soon as you’re able to and really take a minute to appreciate its oddness:

So, what do you think? What’s feeding into Bass Lake? What happened to the bass? And where did all these Walleye come from? Tell us your thoughts and theories in the comments!

Address: Bass Lake, IN 46534, USA