This Quiet Hike Takes You To The Most Crystal Blue Lake In Indiana

Did you know that there are 24 state parks in Indiana? Yep – for a state that’s not ultra-huge, we sure do love to celebrate the great outdoors around these parts, and our state parks put some of the most awe-inspiring scenery we have on full display. There are some parks that seemingly get all the love, like Indiana Dunes National Park or Turkey Run State Park, but with so many parks to choose from, some are bound to be accidentally overlooked. Today, we’re going on a hiking adventure in one of these lesser-appreciated Indiana state parks. Trail 1 at Shakamak State Park feels like something from another world, and we think you’ll fall in love with it every time you hike it. Check out the jaw-dropping photos and then go embark upon one of the best lake hikes in Indiana yourself!

For a complete description of Shakamak State Park, as well as all the amazing hiking trails within (and all the info you need to camp there), be sure to visit the official Indiana DNR page.

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Address: Lake Shakamak, Indiana 47438, USA
Address: Shakamak State Park, 6265 IN-48, Jasonville, IN 47438, USA