These 9 Haunted Hotels In Idaho Will Make Your Stay A Nightmare

Of all the restless spirits said to lurk around Idaho, it seems many of them love to wander the rooms and hallways of some of our state’s most lavish and historic hotels (wouldn’t you?). While each of these historic buildings are magnificent in their own right, if ghostly sightings, paranormal encounters, and spooky history are your thing, these are definitely the places to be (or not be, depending on your spook level).

While not all of these hotels are still active places to stay overnight, many are still local businesses that often still have spirits lurking around. That being said, here are nine of the most haunted hotels in Idaho – sleep at your own risk.

Uniquely, many of these historic buildings have been recently updated, but there are still plenty of mysteries hidden beneath the fresh coats of paint and modern fixtures. The only question is – do you dare pay a visit?