Most People Don’t Know These 10 Castles Are Hiding In Idaho

Unlike its European counterparts, Idaho isn’t typically known for centuries-old medieval-inspired architecture, nor for a history of knighthood, peasantry, and feuding fiefdoms. Yet despite its humble, rural setting, dotted across the Gem State are a number or fairy tale-like structures that seem to take a step back in time to when chivalry was alive and and tables were round.

They may not rival the richly ornamented castles of France and Ireland, but from turreted masterpieces to traditional stone abodes buried deep in mountain forests, these 10 Idaho castles are fit for royalty.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience medieval lyfe from within the whimsical setting of the highest room in the tallest tower of a remote kingdom far, far away in the mountains (or city), these castles are a must-see on your next road trip across Idaho. But of course like many fairytale settings (or Hogwarts) these time-traveling structures are often hidden from or abandoned by yon wearie travelers and seem to be concentrated in the Treasure Valley and Northern Idaho. If you know of any other enchanting castles, or have visited one of these dreamy abodes, let us know!