5 Disturbing Unsolved Mysteries In Idaho That Will Leave You Baffled

Murders, ghostly encounters, UFO sightings, and more are all often solved or debunked just as much by the evidence at the scene as they are by the evidence that appears to be missing. But what happens when the evidence grows cold, or when there are few, if any, witnesses to a tragedy aside from the quiet horror of observing walls?

Thousands of cases per year gather dust across the US, but advancing technology continues to make strides in tackling formerly unsolvable cases. Here are just a few of Idaho’s most mysterious disappearances and cold cases from across the state.

Idaho is a particularly close-knit state, which means that cold cases and disappearances such as these are never truly forgotten by the victim’s families, nor by the surrounding communities. To this day, these tragic and heart-wrenching mysteries remain permanently open for further investigation. If you have any information, be sure to get in touch with the proper authorities.