Stay Overnight In A 113-Year-Old Hotel That’s Said To Be Haunted At White Horse Saloon In Idaho

The aptly named town of Spirit Lake is home to quite a few tales regarding the paranormal, some of which include the state’s oldest continuously operated saloon and hotel. The White Horse Saloon, Grill, and Hotel has been around for well over a century, so we think it’s safe to say it’s home to plenty of ghost stories. There’s only one way to be sure whether there’s any truth to these creepy legends. Spend the night in this haunted hotel and see for yourself!

What do you think? Do you have what it takes to spend the night in this allegedly haunted hotel? Share your thoughts with us below, and let us know of any other paranormal destinations in Idaho you’ve experienced!

Address: 6248 W Maine St, Spirit Lake, ID 83869, USA