A Rustic Getaway Awaits At Twin Springs Resort, A 122-Year-Old Resort In The Central Idaho Mountains

Here in Idaho, rustic getaways are kind of our thing. Instead of relaxing by the pool at a lavish beach resort, we prefer roughing it in the wild—a furnished cabin is as luxurious as it gets! If this is the type of getaway you prefer, then you’ll love spending time at Twin Springs Resort in the remote mountains of central Idaho. Twin Springs started out as a mining camp more than a century ago, but it’s since developed into the beautiful log cabin lodge and hot springs resort that you see today. Feel like escaping to the mountains for a bit? This is the place to go.

What do you think? Do you hear the mountains calling you yet? If only we could drop everything and visit this delightful mountain resort ASAP. Tell us about your favorite mountain getaway in the comments below.

Address: Twin Springs Resort, Idaho 83716, USA