The 15 Most Vivid, Colorful Places In Idaho Are Absolutely Mesmerizing

As the year winds down, but winter continues to toss out frigid temps and gray skies, it can seem like the colors and vibrant beauty of the year’s seasons are long gone. But while the bright, festive magic of the holidays may be winding down as well, now might be the perfect time to remember all of the natural wonders and spectacular sights that make Idaho such a picturesque slice of heaven, even amidst the monochromatic hues of winter.

Here are some of our favorite photos that showcase Idaho at its best, boldest, and most colorful throughout the year– just a little somethin’ somethin‘ to remind you that Mother Nature is a spectacular artist, and that the magic of color can be found at any time of year and in the most unexpected places.

But of course, we can’t forget Idaho’s colorful sunsets and sunrises too! What colorful scene or natural spectacle in Idaho is your personal favorite?