Nature Is Reclaiming This One Abandoned Idaho Spot And It’s Actually Amazing

We, as humans, are explorers by nature. Our never-ending quest to discover the unexpected – both old and new – is a product of our innate curiosity, but also of our fascination with history and with “what once was.” Much like the rest of the U.S., Idaho is full of abandoned places, ghost towns, and modern relics of urban decay, all decrepit in their varying stages of crumbling, rusting beauty–each perfect for exploring, although some more legally than others. These dilapidated tableaus are often tucked away in the deep recesses of Idaho’s wilderness and forests, perfectly obscured from unwanted visitors, but ready and waiting for the curious explorer to stumble upon and learn their stories.

One particular site in Idaho is often overlooked, however: the landing site of the 1943 B-23 Dragon Bomber. But even as the remains of this vintage marvel face overgrowth and fall victim to the passage of time and weather, its history is a truly unique one of survival in the Idaho wilderness.

Unlike many of Idaho’s most unique abandoned places, this site is truly special and worthy of remembrance. For more abandoned places, check out a few more of Idaho’s Most Abandoned Places.