This Is The Single Craziest Thing You Never Knew Happened In Idaho

Running straight through Southern Idaho and forming the lifeblood of the state, the mighty Snake River is a powerful, magnificent body of water that has carved the intimidating Snake River Canyon over the course of thousands of years. While the plunging depths of the gorge are definitely intimidating, reaching over 500 feet deep, what’s perhaps most impressive is the canyon’s girth. At certain points, the canyon reaches around 1600 feet wide; nearly 1/4 of a mile across.

The scenic canyon slices through the outskirts of Twin Falls, and without going around the region, there’s only one way to get across the canyon: the Perrine Bridge. In fact, when it was built in 1927, the Perrine Bridge over the canyon–which stands at an impressive 486 feet–was the tallest bridge in the world.

You might have heard the story of how a famous daredevil, one Evel Knievel himself, decided that there was another way to get across the gorge: a steam powered rocket. What you might not know is that the Snake River Canyon wasn’t his first choice for his now-famous stunt – or that just last year, the terrifying stunt was recreated.

The 1974 stunt was one of the last for the aging Knievel.

Recently, world-class stuntman Eddie Braun decided to recreate the jump and succeed where Knievel couldn’t.

Were you watching when either of these famous daredevils took flight over the Snake River Canyon?