You’ll Want To Visit These 11 Houses In Idaho For Their Incredible Pasts

If walls could speak – oh, the stories they could tell! Idaho is one of the youngest states in the country (43rd, to be exact), but what we lack in incorporated history as part of the U.S., we make up for in Western roots. The stories of the men and women who discovered, plotted, explored, mined, and developed Idaho into the wonderful place it is today are often-forgotten with time. Their homes, on the other hand, are still standing!

While Idaho is simply brimming with history, these beautiful, structures scattered across the state have special historic value and even more aesthetic charm–and they’re ready to share their stories with curious visitors. But whether you pay a visit to drink in the fantastic, timeless craftsmanship of a long-standing Victorian home or the humble dwelling of Idaho’s lesser-known history-makers, or whether you’re there for the historical immersion, the antiques-scouting, or the design inspiration, there’s no doubt plenty to admire about these special homes and historic districts!

These beautiful homes are hidden right in plain sight, but talk about dream home goals! What other historic houses are hidden away in Idaho’s small towns?