It’s been incredibly rewarding to write about Idaho on a daily basis. But while curated lists of roadside attractions and awesome restaurants are fun to research and create, we all know that the Gem State is really all about getting out there and experiencing the beauty of our state firsthand. Idaho is a true treasure in terms of its landscape — a scenic, rural jewel in an increasingly urban America; showcasing that natural beauty is definitely my favorite way to explore everything Idaho has to offer!

With Labor Day weekend upon us, it’s time once again to remind ourselves of the pristine wonderland that is our great state: its diversity, its uniqueness, its distinct seasons, and most of all, its untamed heart. That’s why when we found this scenic aerial video of Idaho — courtesy of Andrew Garcia — we knew we had to feature it. Here, Andrew explores almost every corner of the state, from the rocky landscape of Southern Idaho to the lush Canadian border and back. But in addition to Idaho’s breathtaking scenery, his video captures the true heart and culture of Idaho across the seasons. Without further ado, please enjoy and share this spectacular work of art (which is titled “An Aerial Experience” for good reason).

Aristotle once said that “In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous,” and Andrew’s video definitely showcases the marvels of Idaho like you’ve never seen before. But it also captures the spirit of our great state in a way that very few videos out there do. I don’t know about you, but after watching this, I can’t imagine living anywhere else!

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