The Sweetest Road Trip in Hawaii Takes You To 8 Charming Chocolate Shops

Chocolate can either cheer you up after a bad day or help you celebrate life’s happiest moments. Either way, I’d like to think that chocolate is an entirely necessary part of life. Luckily for us, Hawaii is the only state in America to grow cacao, and as a result, our beautiful islands are home to some of the country’s greatest chocolatiers. Many of these chocolate shops are found right here on Oahu, and today, we’re visiting eight of our favorites on one of the sweetest road trips ever created.

With less than two hours of drive time, consider your sweet tooth satisfied. Our 44-mile journey begins in Honolulu before heading further into Waikiki, trekking across the island to Kailua on the Pali Highway, and looping back to Aiea via the H3. There’s simply no sweeter way to spend your next day off.

Click here to access the editable Google Map of this road trip. What are you waiting for? This sweet road trip is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, as will this mouthwatering shave ice trail.