How do you make a visit to one of the only wineries in Hawaii even better? Add waterfalls. There is little better than watching a waterfall cascade into the pool below, and luckily, the Hawaiian Islands are home to an abundance of incredible waterfalls. Among the intense lava landscapes of Hawaii Island, you will find some of the most accessible waterfalls in the state, many of which are easily visited in a single day. If you’re searching for “waterfalls near me on Hawaii,” then look no further than this list! And what better way to end a day of chasing waterfalls than with a visit to a one-of-a-kind winery? Join us for one of the most unique road trips in Hawaii that you can do.

Have you ever been to any of these phenomenal destinations on one of your Hawaii road trips? When you’re on the Big Island, add these waterfalls and Volcano Winery – one of the only wineries in Hawaii – to your must-visit list!

If you prefer a day of exercise over wine drinking, you might be interested in our ultimate waterfall hike bucket list. This is a great way to enjoy the sights without having to trek around everywhere!

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Waterfalls Near Me On Hawaii

How many wineries are in Hawaii?

There are three vineyards in the Hawaiian Islands. You will find these vineyards on Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island. Wine is not traditionally associated with Hawaii, so these vineyards offer a tasty option for wine lovers in the area. Another option is a visit to a wine bar, where not all the wines may be from Hawaii, but wine lovers will find what they're looking for!

What’s the most famous Hawaiian wine?

The best tasting and most famous wine on the Hawaiian Islands is the intriguing pineapple wine. This wine is unique to Hawaii and well worth the try!