Take A Partially Paved Loop Trail Near This Connecticut Lake For A Peaceful Adventure

When it comes to trails in Connecticut, the ones that often get the hype are difficult, all-day treks that require some hiking skills. But we know that there are plenty of simpler trails that are much more accessible that provide just as much of an adventure. These trails are great for just about everybody, including those using wheelchairs, those with young kids, and those who aren’t in good enough physical shape to master a lengthy trail. Heading out on trails should be accessible to everyone, whether you’re climbing up a steep mountain through woods or walking along a level, paved trail. One of our favorite partially paved trails in Connecticut is the West Reservoir #6 Trail in Hartford. This peaceful little walk won’t take all day and has beautiful scenery.

Have you ever hiked the West Reservoir #6 trail, or do you have another favorite paved or partially paved trail in Connecticut that you want to recommend? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Address: Hartford Reservoir Number 6, Connecticut, USA