This Abandoned Amusement Park Turned Beach In Connecticut Will Blow You Away

The Constitution State has plenty of beaches, but we can promise there’s none quite like this one. This abandoned amusement park in Connecticut was reopened just a few years ago. It’s undoubtedly got the craziest history of any beach around! You’ll definitely want to visit this place and see how much it’s changed for yourself. You truly won’t believe its transformation.

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Address: Pleasure Beach, Waterford, CT 06385, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Abandoned Amusement Park in Connecticut

September 30, 2021

What are some abandoned places in Connecticut?

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Are there any haunted places in Connecticut?

There are plenty of places that are supposedly haunted in Connecticut. Gungywamp is a mysterious archaeological ruin that’s not fully understood. Many people report feeling extreme sadness in certain areas, and it is thought that spirits of ancient people may remain there. Check out these other haunted spots in Connecticut…if you dare!

What are some creepy cemeteries in Connecticut?

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Address: Pleasure Beach, Waterford, CT 06385, USA