This Easy, 1-Mile Trail Leads To Blackledge Falls, One Of Connecticut’s Most Underrated Waterfalls

Experiencing Connecticut’s breathtaking beauty doesn’t require a strenuous journey. On The Blackledge Falls Blue Trail, nature enthusiasts can immerse themselves in tranquil forests and marvel at enchanting natural wonders the entire way. Clocking in at just 1.1 miles in length, this peaceful adventure is perfect for a quick afternoon outing. Hike to one of Connecticut’s most underrated waterfalls on this easy trail in Hebron! If you got here by looking for something like waterfalls near me in Connecticut, you’re in luck – this is one of the best!


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If you’re looking for more scenic adventures, wander through granite quarries and historic ruins on this unique Connecticut hiking trail.

Address: Gay City State Park, 386 North St, Hebron, CT 06248, USA
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March 22, 2022

What are some of the best waterfall hikes in Connecticut?  

Who knew there were so many awe-inspiring waterfall hikes in Connecticut? Okay, we did – but did you? It’s hard to pick a favorite; all of Connecticut’s hiking trails have something magical about them, so it’s kind of tough to choose! Some of the best hiking trails with waterfalls in Connecticut include the breathtaking Wadsworth Big Falls Trail, which is super short at just 0.1 miles long and can be found at Wadsworth Falls State Park. Both trails to both falls are worth the effort. Then check out Chapman Falls, which is within Devil’s Hopyard State Park. That’s another easy hike to an awe-inspiring waterfall that plunges 60 feet. Next, add the Yantic Falls Trail to your list. That’s a 0.3-mile hike to some of the most epic, 40-foot falls in the entire state! Finally, you’ll definitely need to check out the famous Kent Falls Trail at Kent Falls State Park, which is often called the most beautiful place in Connecticut.  

How many waterfalls in Connecticut are there?  

It’s no surprise that Connecticut is ridiculously scenic; it’s a tiny state, but it sure is mighty. There are at least 75 to 80 waterfalls scattered all over the Constitution State; each of them is magical in its own way. The tallest waterfall in Connecticut is Roaring Brook Falls, coming in at an impressive 80 feet in height. Other famous waterfalls in Connecticut include gems like the above-mentioned Kent Falls, as well as amazing falls like both the Wadsworth Big Falls and Wadsworth Little Falls. Finally, Buttermilk Falls are a local favorite, especially during snowmelt or following a good, heavy rainstorm. Few states have so much natural amazement crammed into such a compact space; with a little inspiration like the above paragraphs, you too can enjoy Connecticut in all its amazingness. For a handy list of some of Connecticut’s easiest waterfalls to access, check this article out! Which waterfall in Connecticut is your favorite?  

Address: Gay City State Park, 386 North St, Hebron, CT 06248, USA