Does anyone else find deserted, abandoned places in (and out of) Colorado ghost towns to be fascinating? It makes you wonder who lived in this home or what happened to the people who worked in this old mine. There is something hauntingly beautiful about old, dilapidated structures that intrigue adventurers, photographers, and historians alike and make them set out in search of these places to explore in Colorado. Here are some amazing abandoned places in Colorado that are sure to give you as many goosebumps as they give us.

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Abandoned Places in Colorado

What are some creepy abandoned places in Colorado?  

The following are some creepy abandoned places in Colorado:

  • Perhaps the creepiest abandoned place in Colorado is the old Titan 1 Missile Silo, in Deer Trail, which is actually one of six silos of its kind in the state. It’s by far the spookiest and most popular with urban explorers, though, and is well worth a mention.
  • In Trinidad, there’s the beyond infamous site of the Ludlow Massacre, the site of a bloody gun battle over workers’ rights in which more than two dozen people – including women and children – ended up dead. The area is designated and specified with a monument and a worn old cellar door.  


Are there any allegedly haunted abandoned places in Colorado?  

If there are any haunted places in Colorado, there’s no way the above-mentioned site of the Ludlow Massacre isn’t packing a few ghosts – and there are plenty more to consider as well:

  • There’s the spooky Argo Tunnel, which was built in 1892 and abandoned in the 1940s when a deadly accident claimed the lives of four miners. Today, the mine is not operational, though you can do tours of it and maybe catch a ghost or two!
  • There are the ghost stories behind an eerie abandoned hospital in Colorado – the St. Francis Hospital in Colorado Springs. Good luck getting in to investigate, though – trespassing is frowned upon and the history of this place is as dark as any other medical place you’ll find.  


Where are the most interesting abandoned places in Colorado?  

Among the most interesting abandoned places in Colorado are the following:

  • Wonder View Tower in Genoa. It’s been abandoned since the death of its owner in 2014, and it’s certainly quite unique (if not a little creepy).
  • Ghost towns in Colorado like the towns of Gothic, Ironton, and Climax.
  • Crystal Mill, which was built in 1893 to generate power abandoned in 1917. It’s easily one of the most photogenic places in Colorado – especially for lovers of fall foliage.  

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