The Abandoned Town In Colorado That Most People Stay Far, Far Away From

If there is one thing that Colorado has its fair share of (aside from beautiful scenery, good people, and unique activities, of course), it is ghost towns. While Colorado has a population of nearly 5.5M living in prosperous areas, there is still a fair share of abandoned and historic spots, including the town of Dearfield. While the abandoned Dearfield isn’t haunted per se (no reported ghosts here, folks!), there is still a sense of eeriness in the town, due in part to its few remaining buildings.

Located 30 miles east of Greeley, Dearfield was established in 1910 by Oliver T. Jackson, a Boulder businessman who dreamed of creating a colony for African Americans. Despite poor agricultural conditions, the town boomed, housing more than 700 residents by 1921. Unfortunately, like much of the country, Dearfield suffered during the Great Depression, resulting in a population of only 12 by 1940.

See for yourself what remains today of the once thriving Dearfield:

Hauntingly beautiful, right? Have you seen this historic area for yourself?

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