The Remnants Of This Abandoned Mill In Colorado Are Hauntingly Beautiful

Hidden away outside of Carbondale is one of Colorado’s best kept and most well-preserved secrets. This former wooden powerhouse, which was originally built in 1892, was once a thriving power plant for the Sheep Mountain Tunnel and Mine and worked tirelessly until 1917, when the Mine closed its doors (and turbine) for good. During its prime, this now-abandoned powerhouse looked something like this:

Today, even though it’s closed and deserted, the old Crystal Mill is as beautiful and enchanting as ever.

To see this hauntingly beautiful spot for yourself, plan to dust off your hiking boots or gear up your 4×4 to make the scenic trip. For more information on accessing the location, please refer to this guide from All Trails.

Have you had the privilege of seeing this spot for yourself?

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