Denver is home to some of the country’s most advanced hospitals, ranging from specializing in pediatrics to respiratory, cardiology to rehabilitation. It’s also a fantastic city filled with art, culture, and culinary perfection – all of which make it one of the best cities in Colorado to visit or live in. One of these hospitals, which is no longer in service but still stands, is that of the Fitzsimons Army Medical Center, which now serves as the administrative office of the University of Colorado School of Medicine and is allegedly plagued by the paranormal. Have you ever heard any of these eerie tales? Continue… if you dare!

No matter what you believe, ghost stories are compelling – even when they involve places that may or may not be in our very backyards.

What do you think: Was Fitzsimons Army Medical Center indeed haunted or was it mere folklore? Have you experienced anything strange in this building these days? For even more of the spookiest Denver locations, check out this haunted road trip in Colorado … if you dare!

Can’t get enough of Colorado’s spookiest places? We’ve got you covered. You might want to avoid driving on some of the most haunted roads in Colorado, and you may also be interested in touring a terrifying haunted prison in CO that’s sure to make a cameo in your nightmares. You can also check out Airbnb Experiences for more creepy things to do in Colorado.

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Fitzsimons Army Medical Center

Is there an abandoned hospital in Denver?  

Throughout the decades, there have been numerous cases of abandoned hospitals in Denver (as well as other medical establishments). Some of the most notorious abandoned hospitals in or near Denver include:  


What are some notoriously haunted places in CO?  

Of course, places don’t need to be abandoned to be haunted, as demonstrated in numerous places! Some notoriously haunted places in Colorado include chilling spots like:  


What is the story behind the Fitzsimons Hospital?  

The Fitzsimons Hospital, also known as the Fitzsimons Army Hospital, was opened in 1918 and operated until its closure in 1999. It’s a 577-acre property in Aurora, and though it’s no longer a place for the mentally ill, the whole area – which has been redeveloped – still seems to have an air of spookiness to it.